New Music for Old Rockers – Song of the Summer Edition

As we careen wildly towards the end of July, I do not think it is too early to name a Song of the Summer of 2019. New songs released in August? Sorry, should have come to summer on time. So here we go with our 3 nominees for 2019 Song of the Summer.

First up is Lana Del Rey’s cover of a Sublime song called “Doin’ Time.”

Lyrics start with “Summertime, and the living is easy.” It is a dreamy song for a hot, hazy, humid summer day spent sitting by the pool with a drink sporting an umbrella. It’s just a great song, but I take some points off since it is a cover and the arrangement is not too different than Sublime’s original. But Del Ray’s voice … yum. It definitely makes her version more, well, sublime.

Next up is Vampire Weekend’s “This Life.”

It’s a light, breezy little number suitable for all summer activities and gatherings. Just don’t listen too closely to the lyrics. It is a song about infidelity, so points off for making some cheating couples uncomfortable who may be listening to the song together.

Final nominee is “Go” from The Black Keys.

This is a summer driving song. Roll the windows down, crank the volume up, and “Go” enjoy this song. Lyrics begin with “In the summertime, when it’s hot outside,” and the chorus is “Go.” They are not going to win any awards for lyrics with this song, and the melody is simple, but the song definitely rocks. Love the twangy, thumping bass line that leads into the chorus. The Black Keys get points added due to an interesting (but fictional) backstory included as part of their music video.

And those extra music video points are enough to make “Go” my 2019 Song of the Summer. Enjoy the song and the rest of summer, already slinking away from us like a Republican trying to avoid an ethics probe.