New Music for Old Rockers – Song of the Summer Edition Vindication

I announced my 2019 Song of the Summer on this blog recently to much fanfare.

Bill nye.gif

That’s right Science Guy Bill Nye, celebrate that “Go” by the Black Keys is my pick for 2019 Song of the Summer. But my 2 oldest children told me I was way off. They claim that a song called “Old Town Road” is the song of the summer. They tell me that kids stop whatever they’re doing and go crazy when that song comes on.

Dance on chair.gif

Hmmm, I wonder why? Take a look and listen …

I admit I kind of like the music video, but I find very little about the song that thrills me. And if my adult children are crowning it 2019 Song of the Summer based on the reaction of younger children, I have one question for them …

What the hell do young kids know about music? They eat boogers.

Nope, I stick with “Go” as 2019 Song of the Summer. And yesterday as I wrote this, I was listening to the radio when the DJ on WXRT, the world’s greatest radio station, introduced “Go” as the Song of the Summer. Total vindication! Maybe I need to go a little crazy when “Go” is played.

Dance bad

Or, maybe not.