New Music for Old Rockers – Summer Bummer Concert Edition

I’ve enjoyed a most excellent concert year and spent most of my summer doing this …


Which I have to admit was sort of weird when I went to the symphony.

I tempted fate and tried to sneak in one more concert last week before summer ended. It was a deal I couldn’t refuse. I was in St. Louis “on business” again. My evening was my own. Once again, a major music act was not selling concert tickets for their stop in St. Louis. That is not unusual. I received an email with good seats being offered at much lower prices than the cheap, nosebleed seats I had been eyeing. I also had a couple Ticketmaster vouchers worth a few bucks. In the end, I think this is the only time I have ever seen this on my ticket receipt …

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New Music for Old Rockers – Song of the Summer Edition Vindication

I announced my 2019 Song of the Summer on this blog recently to much fanfare.

Bill nye.gif

That’s right Science Guy Bill Nye, celebrate that “Go” by the Black Keys is my pick for 2019 Song of the Summer. But my 2 oldest children told me I was way off. They claim that a song called “Old Town Road” is the song of the summer. They tell me that kids stop whatever they’re doing and go crazy when that song comes on.

Dance on chair.gif

Hmmm, I wonder why? Take a look and listen …

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New Music for Old Rockers – Song of the Summer Edition

As we careen wildly towards the end of July, I do not think it is too early to name a Song of the Summer of 2019. New songs released in August? Sorry, should have come to summer on time. So here we go with our 3 nominees for 2019 Song of the Summer.

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New Music for Old Rockers – Black Keys Edition

Five years. I guess it could have been worse. It took Vampire Weekend six years to release new music. That’s right, this is the first new song from the Black Keys in five years. How did the Beatles crank out so many memorable albums in the span of just a few years? They were releasing albums less than one year apart. Good examples:

  • Rubber Soul – December, 1965
  • Revolver – August, 1966
  • Sgt. Pepper – June, 1967

That’s kind of crazy. They may have been just a bit more talented than Vampire Weekend and Black Keys combined. I know, the Vampires and Keys were busy with other stuff. Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys put out some very nice solo music. I can see that a solo album might take a year. But c’mon folks, make with the new music already. Are they so busy and tired because they have second jobs at night working the drive-thru at McDonald’s to make ends meet?

I guess times have changed and musicians don’t make their money off selling records with new songs like they used to. Now they make their money from touring. There is less incentive to make new music when you can tour and make mega-bucks playing old songs. Welcome to the digital age of music.

Speaking of the digital age of music, the new Black Keys tune Lo/Hi is available on YouTube …

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Music Review #1

My oldest son and his friend offer a music discussion podcast on iTunes these days called Ear Buds.  You may enjoy checking out their Ear Buds podcast called “My Dad is not a Twitter Bot.” I think that is a reference to me tweeting all this blog nonsense out. If you do check out Ear Buds, I make a cameo appearance on Ear Buds podcast #3 with a “dad” review of what they consider a song that may appeal to their dads. I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to play it straight or provide a rant about music today not really being music. Well, I really liked the song, so I provided an honest review.

Here’s the song “King of a One Horse Town” from Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys …

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