New Music for Old Rockers – Welcome Back Edition

My NMFOR posts have so far focused on newer musical talents. Not in this post. These are established talents that are finally providing us some welcome new music.

First up is Vampire Weekend. Six years since their last record. How does it take so long to make a record album? C’mon, you’re musicians. Make more music.

Father of the Bride is their upcoming release this Spring, and Harmony Hall is a single released from that album. I’m not sure that Harmony Hall is worth a six year wait, but it is a great tune. Take a listen.

Welcome back Vampires. Harmony Hall definitely doesn’t suck.

What does is the new single called Salvation from the Strumbellas.

After their near-perfect 2016 album Hope, is this the best they can do as a follow-up? Maybe that’s why Vampire Weekend took six years. It’s not like Salvation is a bad song, but it is just a blah, uninspiring, pedestrian song. Listen first to Spirits from the last album by the Strumbellas …

and then listen to their latest release Salvation

No comparison. I’m hoping when their new album is released this Spring, it will be more “Spirited” and less focused on “Salvation.”

It’s not like the boys from Guster have not made music for a while, but maybe just not memorable music. This has changed with their latest album Look Alive. Their single titled Overexcited sounds like UK punk rocker Ian Drury is resurrected and has chosen to front Guster rather than return to his Blockheads. As you listen to this, remember that Guster is a Boston band, not from the UK.

It’s got a bit of a Blur-like quality to it. I’m not too sure whether I like it or not, but it is different and commands my attention. I find the sax section in the middle very aurally interesting and appealing. The rest of the new album that you can listen to on YouTube does nothing for me, although Terrified is listenable in more traditional Guster fashion.

Remember when the record companies were so freaked out about people using cassette recorders to tape vinyl albums, and then later when Napster was sued by the record companies? Now you can listen to newly released albums on YouTube. Geesch. If it is an album like Guster’s latest, I’m not sure we’ve made much progress, and I would definitely not get too “Overexcited.”

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