New Music for Old Rockers – Covering Covers Edition

Can someone please tell me the point of song covers that sound like the original? I don’t get it. When I first heard Weezer’s cover of Toto’s “Africa” last summer, I had to check first to see if it was a cover and not just a remix of the original. What is the point? I did get to hear that excellent song on the radio again, but I would have been happy to have heard the original played more frequently last summer.

It is true that I nominated Lana Del Rey’s cover of Sublime’s “Doin’ Time” as this year’s Song of the Summer. It is significantly different from the original. And that voice of hers … just divine. But then I was driving with my oldest daughter who is a huge Kate Bush fan, when Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” came on the radio. My daughter was initially happy to hear it until we identified it being sung by a Kate Bush impersonator named Meg Myers with an identical-sounding version. Why? I will admit the video is kind of cool, but Kate Bush’s voice > Meg Myer’s voice. Sorry, Meg.

And now we get this news …


Full story and music video follows. The music video is creepily worth the price of clicking to read on.

Article HERE and creepy music video HERE. I will never think of Todd Rundgren in a musically-reverent way again after knowing he was an accomplice. Here are other named accomplices in the article.

1. Open Your Eyes (feat. James Williamson)
2. Head On (feat. Elliot Easton)
3. I Melt With You (feat. Steve Stevens)
4. Lips Like Sugar (feat. A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS)
5. Heroes (feat. Tyler Bates)
6. Here I Go Again (feat. Tracii Guns)
7. Jump In My Car (feat. Todd Rundgren)
8. Rhinestone Cowboy (feat. Charlie Daniels)
9. If You Could Read My Mind (feat. Ava Cherry)
10. Sugar, Sugar (feat. Steve Cropper)
11. Mit 66 Jahren (feat. Patrick Moraz [Cd Only]
12. Sweet Caroline (feat. MINISTRY)
13. That’s Life

I admit that I must hear Hoff’s version of “Sugar, Sugar,” but only in the same way that traffic slows to look at a car accident.

If you Instagram, don’t miss the end of the article where Hoff himself explains how to submit your eyes for use in his upcoming “Open Your Eyes” video. Mine are tightly shut and may never open again for fear of being in the video or even seeing the video. Excuse thr resulting typos.

I want to end my covering of covers on a high note, so how about a musical plea to “Cover Me?”

Don’t you dare.