I’m Helping American Taxpayers

Since the Republican Tax “Cut” imposed upon USA taxpayers in 2017 has resulted in Americans paying more in 2018 income taxes, I am going to help taxpayers out by reducing government costs. Maybe the next President will actually cut middle class taxes in 2021 because of my ideas.

The Mueller report will be issued this week. We can reasonably expect text like this in the report …


Attorney General William Barr is working on redactions, so it may look like this when published …


Until indictments are unsealed, it may be premature to show the Trump children as treasonous traitors, although they are. But look at all the black ink that will take! Ink is expensive! Let’s save some taxpayer dollars and redact in this fashion …


If you are a US taxpayer, you’re welcome! That has got to be a 90% black in savings. YUGE! That’s more than 80%! In return for this idea, I expect a Cabinet nomination to be forthcoming. There are plenty available.


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