I Prefer Church Without the Dips

We have been looking for a new church recently. I know that sounds odd since I am an ordained minister. I should just have my own church, right? But I barely have time to post this nonsense let alone tend to a flock of needy parishioners. I can hear them now. “I need salvation. I’m a sinner. I can’t tithe 25%.” Please. I have my own problems.

Anyway, the first couple churches we have tried have not thrilled us for various reasons. I liked the pastor at the last church, although it was distracting that she wore her hair over one eye during much of the service.

hair over eye

If you’re going to do that, I suggest she make a full commitment to the look …

pirate woman

I did like the cross in stained glass on the church wall.

Church Cross

Pretty cool. Yes, I did take that picture during the service. And I REALLY liked the sound of the Beer & Bibles program I spotted in their church bulletin.

Church Beer

The thing at both churches we have tried that has thrown me for a loop has been intinction, which is when the communion host or bread is dipped in wine.


My intincts tell me not to do it. Please, I’m no germaphobe. I eat from the garbage, but I don’t want someone touching something that I then dip into the same cup of wine that everyone else has been using for dipping, and then putting that dipped, contaminated thing in my mouth. For me, that’s worse than double-dipping.

double dip

This is about all the dipping I’m willing to do.


Our search continues.