Football Frenzy

My fantasy football season was a disaster this year. My excuse is that I was so distracted by the mid-term elections and the need to elect a Democratic Congress, that my early season effort and concentration suffered. Thanks Obama, for not running for a third term. But I have enjoyed the resurgence of the Chicago Bears as they won the NFC North this season.

chicago bears

I get all choked up about it as I type this as will Bears fans that read this.

Sportswriters Todd Pork Chop

Or maybe it was just a pork chop. I don’t know. I do know I never expected the Bears to be this good. To amuse myself during the football season in case the Bears have a bad team, I play other football games like Pick ‘Em games where you just try and pick the winners of each game each week. I normally do okay in those games, and I usually just hope to win a weekly prize. My dreams got a little bigger this last week of the football regular season. Take a look at these standings.

CBS Standings

That’s my team, the Bullfrogs, sitting one pick out of first place with one week left. When it became apparent that I was in contention, I decided to explore what prize I would win for first, second, or third, wherever I finish.

CBS Prize

That could not be right. I explored the fine print and saw that CBS had gone full Ricky Bobby in this contest.

Ricky Bobby

There is no local prize for CBS Chicago. There are no second or third place prizes. There are no weekly prizes. There is just one national prize of $1000 for first place for the whole season. I will need to pick boldly this week. I am hoping the spirit of Ricky Bobby enters me today, and I wake up tomorrow to make my picks with this attitude.

ricky bobby piss

I’m also hoping that FanJody in first place isn’t a ten year old with this attitude.

Ricky Bobby ass