Bush – Cusack – Wonder – Garfunkel – Cetera

RIP Barbara Bush. When I hear liberals and conservatives alike celebrating her life and mourning her passing, I am certain she was a wonderful person. As First Lady and thereafter, she worked tirelessly to promote family literacy. Although there is some irony that the person living in the White House today doesn’t read anything, Barbara Bush and her Foundation for Family Literacy has helped millions.

I wanted to follow some of the news coverage last night including the news of Mrs. Bush’s passing, but there was this movie …

It wasn’t a new movie. It was from 2000 called High Fidelity, starring Jon Cusack. Cusack hangs around Chicago a lot, and I hear he is sort of a tool, but I like him as an actor. I had seen bits and pieces of High Fidelity in the past, but never the whole movie and I had recorded it, so I was inching my way through the R-rated film whenever my sub-10 year old daughter wasn’t around, which seems to me to be never. The film caught my eye because it was filmed on location in Chicago, so it was cool to see recognizable places like the Biograph Theater (John Dillinger was indeed shot there), Music Box Theater, Double Door Lounge, Lounge Ax (moment of silence for its passing), and so many other cool Chicago locations. I had gotten far enough along in the movie before Mrs. Bush passed away, that I wanted to finish it while my daughter was not present. I still didn’t succeed until after my daughter was in bed, but before I went to bed, times that are disconcertingly converging as we both age. But I was not destined to get to bed on time that night, not when that last song in the movie came on and launched me into a Googling frenzy.

The song was I Believe (When I Fall In Love). I nudged my wife to tell her I always considered it our song since it was popular while we were dating, but this must be a different version. By the way, NONE OF THAT WAS TRUE except for the nudging part. I spent about 5 minutes poring over the movie credits to find the song, but between the picture quality and my eyesight quality, I was unsuccessful. My wife suggested I crank up the Internetometer and find out that way. I guess, well, maybe, sure, if you want to take the easy way out.

It turns out that I Believe (When I Fall In Love) was released by Stevie Wonder way back in 1972. I’m not that old that I was dating my wife back then, and also not a Stevie fan back then, but I do like the song. So what the hell was I thinking of and how did I know this song? A little more Googling, and I see that Art Garfunkel covered this Wonder tune back in 1975 for the first song on his Breakaway album which I owned at one time and liked enough to take a sister of a dear friend to a Garfunkel concert after she broke up with her abusive boyfriend who she eventually married anyway, but thankfully divorced in time before she was seriously hurt. WHEW! She cried throughout the concert. Good times. I sometimes wonder if dating me made her abusive boyfriend look like a not-so-bad alternative.

Anyway, that’s settled and a clear sign that I am racing Donald Trump to the depths of dementia. But what song was I thinking of as being my wife’s and my song while dating? I knew it was by Peter Cetera of the band Chicago, so I did more interneting. The song I was thinking of is The Next Time I Fall, sung with Amy Grant. Although it is a far inferior song to Stevie Wonder’s song, the titles both have “I Fall” in them, which may explain my apparent apoplexy. The song’s sappy lyrics definitely chronicles my relationship failures up to dating my wife.

Thanks for making the trip with me down (loss of) memory lane from Barbara Bush to Peter Cetera. I just wish I could have worked in an ET movie reference before Peter Cetera so we could have had ET – Cetera in the title.