Our Holiday Blog Schedule

I’ve given the staff of Jim Flanigan Looks at the World some time off over this holiday weekend to spend time with their children, some of whom also happen to be their nieces and nephews, but they wanted me to pass along this holiday snapshot I took of them at our Christmas party …


Without that good bunch of guys, I would not be able to keep a steady stream of drivel coming your way. Now without their efforts this weekend, here’s the unsteady stream of drivel I have lined-up for your reading pleasure …

Today – Well, this, I guess. OK, so we can put today’s blog post in the loss column, but at least it won’t be different than any other day here.

Dec 23 – I’ll be starting my Christmas shopping tomorrow, so I won’t have time for a blog post. I will likely post a rerun. It will be sort of like being visited by the ghost of Christmas blogs past.

Christmas Eve – Your in Urine You’re in luck! Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, so we have a very special Christmas Mite Be Funny for you already queued up for that day. You can be sure it will be a holiday rib tickler.

Mite humorless

Oh, but you will get it, this Sunday just like every Sunday since Mite Be Funny became part of the American landscape less than one year ago.

Christmas – There is one past Christmas blog post that continues to be a popular view, so we have that ready to relaunch as a rerun this Christmas. Maybe someone will actually “like” it after viewing it this time, hint hint.

Without further ado, let’s get this holiday blogging started!

Hmmm, that’s it for today like I mentioned above. Why are you still reading? There’s nothing more. Stop reading. You’ve wasted enough of our time already. I need you to stop reading so I can stop typing. Why, oh why, won’t you stop rea