All hands on … water? … money?

We know the Trump Administration is a very hands-on administration as explained by their leader …

Trump handsy

I know, I know, grabbing them is old news. Not fake news, but old news. Old, fake news is supposedly Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore grabbing underage high school students. Did I really just type that? Have we sunk that low? That’s really low, even for Alabama.

But Trump has moved on and is now putting his hands to good use …

Trump drinking

Have you ever seen anyone over 5 years old drink from such a small water bottle with 2 hands? What was that all about? Oh right, I forgot …


And then there was Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin showing off some newly-printed Washingtons yesterday …

Mnuchkin pinky

Please note … pinky out! And not just one time …


Yep Bureau of Engraving dude in back, his pinky is actually out.

So how about a hand for these hands-on (not pinky-on) government servants?

Putin clap

Not you Vlad. We know you love your employees. How about a real American?


Yeah, that’s about right in these strange days we live in.