Six, Seven or Ate?

Hiding uneaten at the bottom of my daughter’s remaining Halloween candy were some of these M&M pretenders called Sixlets …


I do see they are labeled as Gluten Free and Nut Free. That’s nice, although they neglected to add Flavor Free. But that’s not the biggest problem I have with Sixlets. I’ve eaten much worse. You can clearly see the problem if I rotate the package slightly …


What’s that you say? You still don’t see a problem? Take a closer look with some assistance on my part …


Yep, this Sixlet package has eight candies inside. I have even seen some Sixlet packages with seven candies inside. Have I seen any Sixlet package with six candies inside? Nope. Can you see the problem now? I guess having seven or eight candies in a Sixlet package is better than finding five candies in a Sixlet package, but for me to keep my OCD-filled world spinning properly on its axis, I immediately demand the following:

  • Six candies in every Sixlet package.


  • Eight candies in a package labeled Eightlets.

But definitely not seven candies in a package marked Sevenlets. Ugh, an odd number of candies? Gross. That offends my OCD sensibilities. Even numbers please.

I could compromise and settle for eight candies in a package labeled Atelets, cleverly suggesting that these colorful, but tasteless spheres, are actually edible. Edible and non-toxic? Yes. A good candy? No. I guess that’s why my daughter generously donated them to her old Dad.