News To Me

The 3rd Edition Guide to Reliable News Sources has been released and I am thrilled to see that Jim Flanigan Looks at the World once again is rated highly.

News Sources Complete

Yeah, that’s us right up there at the top with the giant red arrow I photo-shopped in to identify us. Where the hell where you looking for us? Slumming down by InfoWars? As if. Sure, we skew just a little teensy, weensy bit liberal, probably because of our occasional, good-natured Donald Trump joke. I like to think that we can both laugh with and laugh at Trump. Virtually impossible not to.

If you want high quality, mainstream news, you can continue to get it from the sterile Associated Press or from Reuters with its funny use of the English language. Colour? Really?

Or, you can lean just a little bit to the left and continue to get your news slightly biased in just the correct way from Jim Flanigan Looks at the World. Wait, where are you going? Come back. You’ll be sorry. Good luck trying to find mite-themed cartoons with pithy observations about life from the AP or political commentary cartoons from flies at Reuters. You’ll be back. And that’s not Fake News.

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