He’ll Pay For This Bill

Yesterday, Donald Trump signed the first major piece of legislation passed in his first 6+ months in office. No, not healthcare. No, not infrastructure. No, not tax reform.

Trump signed a veto-proof Russian sanctions bill that also strips him of some power. That’s right, he approved sanctions against his own employer. He stalled 4 days before signing it, but there was really nothing he could do. If he didn’t sign within 10 days, it would have become law without Trump’s signature and that would have been a de facto admission of his Russian collusion, the world’s worst-kept secret at this time.

Trump could have shed his Treasonweasel nickname by staging a grandiose bill signing with lots of tough talk as he has done in the past …

bill signing

Nope. There was no public bill signing. Trump hid the signing as well as he has hides his tax returns. Instead, he released a statement telling us he signed the bill.

Bill statement

OK, I can accept that. But that was not enough. It never is with Trump. Trump then issued 2 separate statements trashing the bill and trashing Congress for passing the bill and limiting his power.

bill additional statements

You can read them both HERE and HERE. Just don’t read them on a full stomach if treason makes you queasy.

And of course Trump went right to his favorite social media opiate, Twitter, to express his disgust at Russia’s treatment.

Trump Tweet Russia

That’s 2 shots at Congress in 1 tweet! Trump is increasing America’s efficiency, at least in tweeting. No matter how you weave this, there is a Treasonweasel alive and well and living in the White House.


I hope this post kept you in stitches.

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