Spellcheck This

How is it possible that Donald Trump can tweet so many spelling errors of simple English words, but he gets this Turkish president’s name right …

Trump Tweet Erdogan

He even got the little thing over the “g” correct. I wouldn’t even know how to type that character in a tweet. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t even know what they call that thing over the “g” in his name.  A little research tells me that is a breve, and when used with a “g” in Turkish, it produces a yumuşak ge. Now what the heck is that little squiggle coming off the “s” in yumuşak? And they say that English is a hard language.

I do know if you look up “despot” in the dictionary, Erdoğan may be referenced as an example of an absolute ruler who often uses his power in cruel ways. Thanks Trump, for bringing this despot to the USA, along with his cruel ways. Take a look at Erdoğan’s bodyguards brutally beating up protesters in DC yesterday …

The reason for the beatings (although when a despot, no reasons are typically needed for some good old fashioned beatings and brutality)? Apparently protesters carried a Kurdish political party flag. OK, so that makes about as much sense as most of Trump’s tweets. The two despots should get along just fine.


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