I’m Unfair to Myself?

It looks like anti-Trump activists are trying to schedule a nationwide general strike to protest Trump policies on February 17th. I’m usually up for all Trump protests, but I feel conflicted on this one. The problem is …

I am self-employed. I think striking against myself may not be as effective as walking out on a real job where I am an actual employee. Sure, I have workplace complaints, and maybe a strike would wake up management here.

  • Hiring practices were definitely discriminatory as I was the only one I considered for the job.
  • Being self-employed, I work way too many hours and my boss just doesn’t seem to care most days.
  • My office is a mess and smells like ass when I am really gassy, which is most of the time.
  • I have to let dogs out several times a day since I work from home, and then I have to clean up after them.
  • I have to make my own coffee and tea, every stinkin’ day.
  • Someone took my yogurt cup from the refrigerator last Tuesday.
  • There is no water cooler to hang around and even if there was, there is nobody to hang with.
  • I get zero benefits. ZERO!
  • My boss can be a real jerk at times.

So I want to strike, but I’m not really sure of the logistics. If I strike, I won’t miss me at work because I won’t be there. The only way I can miss me at work is by first going to work, but then I will be at work and won’t be on strike.

I think I may be able to make this work by being in my office at work, but then striking in my office and not doing any work. Of course, that’s what I do most days of the week anyway. That settles it. I’m in. Management unfair! Down with Trump and time to take the dogs out.


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