Yes WWE Can!

Linda McMahon, former owner of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), brought some old friends with her for support to the Senate Committee meeting discussing her qualifications to be the Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

Hulkamania ran wild as Hulk Hogan himself, never camera shy,  took a seat directly next to Linda McMahon and stared down Democratic Senators as seen in this photo …


Jake “The Snake” Roberts hung towards the back of the room with his trademark python until questioning from the Democrats got tough. Chaos ensued as Roberts released his snake onto the committee floor and the wrestlers sprang into action and mixed it up with the committee members, primarily with Cory Booker, former Stanford college football player and current Democratic Senator from NJ.  Hogan is supposed to be feuding with  Booker according to the hearing script leaked to the press after the hearing concluded. Sources tell us to watch for an upcoming Hogan-Booker cage match.

Despite Hogan applying his trademark leg drop to several Senators, nobody was actually hurt by it, just like back in Hogan’s WWE days. It was no surprise to anyone that Florida Senator Marco Rubio fainted when Roberts released his python.


There were no serious injuries, although one Senator’s intern has gone missing. Jake the Snake’s python was taken by DC police in for questioning regarding the disappearance.





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