Easter Choices

My wife and I planned to go to a sunrise Easter service at a local cemetery. My wife wanted to go, because she’s a good person of faith. I wanted to go, because I was hoping it would be spooky in the cemetery. Considering we were expecting 30 relatives at our house for Easter, we chose to do other things at sunrise on Easter Sunday to prepare for our guests. As I cleaned our basement Saturday night, I made the choice to watch some episodes of Expedition Unknown on the Discovery Channel which involved Jesus, Moses, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I think that fulfilled my Sunday obligation.

We had some younger kids coming over on Easter, so I busted out the games. In the basement, we had air hockey, Twister, and Hungry, Hungry Hippos ready to be played, and they were. Thanks to some wonderful weather, I set up a few games throughout our ample backyard. However, choices were made by our guests to specifically not play one of the games. So, now is your chance to play a game and see if you can choose the game not played by our guests. Here are 3 of the games: badminton, bags, and ladderball.

Which game went untouched?

I was surprised that our guests chose not to play bags. If you chose bags, you win and can stop reading this blog post immediately. If you chose incorrectly, read on.

On a national level, a former president chose to post this lovely message on his Truth Social platform on Easter Sunday.

What a wonderful message! I chose to ignore that and enjoy the Easter message from the current administration.

Kind of boring, but how do you top calling for a world war? I choose to hope your Easter was more like the latter than the former.


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