Angle From Mar-a-Lago on Arrestmas Eve

One of my favorite John Prine songs is “Angel From Montgomery,” although I slightly prefer Bonnie Raitt’s cover to Prine’s original. And when the two of them shared a stage and that song shortly before Prine’s passing, well …

That’s where I got the title for today’s blog post. Yeah, I know I spelled angel wrong. I’ll get to that later. But this is not really a music post, and it has nothing to do with Prine, Raitt, or that song. However, I felt I needed to post something positive and beautiful before foisting this picture upon you on Arrestmas Eve.

Twitter is abuzz with rumors of Trump’s possible arrest tomorrow, so pics like the above are surfacing to glorify Trump as a martyr complete with a scar from his side being pierced during his political crucifixion. I have so many questions about so many parts of that pic, but let’s start with the caption.

If he is “hour guardian angle,” what kind of angle is he? I’m betting obtuse.

I think that describes Trump quite well. Aren’t geometry jokes the best?

Moving on, I give props to the artist for the accuracy of the pic showing Trump wearing a diaper.

Is that a formal diaper with a little blue bow tie in front?

And what’s hanging on Trump’s side?

At first, I thought it might be a light saber, but I imagine Trump’s evangelical base must find Stars Wars to be satanic. My best guess is that is a high-end penis pump. A friend told me they look like that.

Finally, why show cellulite on the front of Trump’s thigh?

Maybe to show that he’s human even though he’s also an angle?

If you haven’t yet shopped for Arrestmas presents for your loved ones, I suggest you go with what a friend told me is a traditional Arrestmas gift … silver bracelets.


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