My Ironic Fall

On top of the disappointment of Arrestmas apparently not happening today (yet another Trump lie), I took an ironic fall down some stairs last night. I have a thing about shoelaces being tied as I have tripped before on my untied laces. Before I headed upstairs late last night to bed, I made sure to tie the laces on my slippers. Once I got upstairs, I realized I needed to return downstairs, which I did without my slippers. No need to worry about tripping on untied laces, right? Ironically, I didn’t need laces to trip and tumble down the last few stairs with enough ruckus to wake the whole household.

I’m okay, but the fall may have shook me enough that I slept through my new alarm clock that was unable to rouse me this morning.

And I still can’t find my bed melon!


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