The English Channel is a Cold, Lonely Place

I’m getting close to finishing my swim across the English Channel this summer. More importantly, I’m confused as to how I should refer to the swim. It’s not a literal swim across the Channel, but it’s also not figurative. I am literally swimming 21 miles, just not actually in the Channel. Maybe a combination of literal & figurative? Liturative? Figeral? Regardless, you get the idea. I’m swimming a lot this summer. But maybe not enough. I’m still 5 miles away from France’s shores, and summer is quickly slipping away.

I am close enough to almost smell the French fries fying, see the French rolls rolling, and hear the French champagne corks popping. Just a couple weeks ago, I almost threw in the towel, although not lituratively or figerally. My pool succumbed to mustard algae again and turned this lovely color.

I was very close to literally pulling the plug in the pool, but copious use of chemicals and cooler weather returned the pool to a normal color. However, I lost several days of pool swimming time while the pool was making a scene with way too much green. As it reset to clear and swimmable, the weather turned delightful, but not for swimming. The temperatures are lovely during the day between 70 & 80F (21-26C) with nights sometimes dippping below 60F (15.5C). Of course, the pool doesn’t hold heat well, so I’ve been enjoying enduring some chilly swims recently. Maybe it’s a good replication of actual Channel temps this time of year?

My idea at the beginning of this Channel challenge was to evenly split my swims 50/50 between pools and open water. But most of the local beaches have lost their lifeguards to college by now, so they’ve already closed. I’m somewhat left with swimming endless pool laps by myself. I do know of a beach out west that doesn’t use lifeguards (yay?) open through Labor Day in early September, so I may be able to finish with a pool-to-lake ratio of 3:1, assuming I ever make it to France. Keep those French kisses hot,wet, and waiting for me. I’m trying to make it to Calais.


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