That’s a Wrap!

Filming finished last week on the set of 32 Degrees, the comedy short film that used me as an extra. I didn’t get much screen time the first day, so when I reported to the director for the second day of filming, I requested he highlight my best side. He agreed and promptly positioned me with my back to the camera. But, I did get to turn around to react appropriately when something happened in the film.

And I got to turn to the side (my one semi-good side!) to pretend to speak to someone else at the table who was off screen. We pretend-spoke about alien abductions in case you are interested.

Once the extras were done filming, we were dismissed way too early for me to stuff my pockets with snacks. I did snap this selfie for my memory scrapbook.

That’s way too much of me way too close. I really need to get longer arms. I also took this pic of a place just a few doors down from the restaurant where we filmed.

There’s yet another reason why Chicago is one of the world’s great cities. Let’s hope I have to return to the neighborhood for some retakes and a Pilsner soak.

Immediately after filming ended, I was offered a role in a full-length feature film as a … you guessed it … restaurant patron. Typecast again! But it films this afternoon into the evening, and my business does require some attention, so I passed on the role. A day or so after that, I was offered a recurring speaking role on a TV show that just started filming in Chicago. My first day on set is the 17th of August, and the job is weekly through the end of October. Oh, did I mention it’s a paying gig? No more filling my pockets with snacks for the extras. I will get paid real money. Yes, I will be a showbiz professional soon. Has the success gone to my head? Well, if you really want an answer to that, please run all your questions through my press agent.


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