Roll the Film and Tumble Dry

My 14 year old daughter and I took another road trip before she has to head back to school. The place we are staying offers a lot of amenities. I was intrigued when I saw this sign.

I was confused when I saw the movie scheduled for tonight is Avatar. What does that movie have to do with laundry? I was expecting maybe a movie about money laundering (Trump bio pic?) or perhaps even Car Wash.

I understand that the logical choice is this movie.

I suppose they can’t continually show that film without guests starting to complain. But now I’m complaining that they aren’t showing it, and I’m a guest. I’m guessing management may have read this blog and understand I complain about everything. I do have to admit that Avatar (or any non-laundry-related film) is better than a Trump bio pic about laundering money, right?


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