Concert Tour Update #1

The first stop on our summer concert tour was to see Caamp and The Lumineers. Most important for me is always legroom. I chose seats that did not disappoint.

Yes, those are my delicate little feet at the bottom of the pic with lots more room to stretch out. And a clear view of the stage … at least for Caamp while everyone was seated. There was plenty of standing and dancing for The Lumineers.

Speaking of Caamp, they underwhelmed me. Their sound reminded me a bit too much of Mumford and Sons, and I can only take so much banjo at one time … unless it’s Steve Martin wielding one.

As for The Lumineers, they did not disappoint. Here’s a link to their setlist, and a clip from their set.

Their sound was full and rich, not to be confused with country duo Big & Rich. My only complaint is that they didn’t perform “Submarines” as part of their encore like they did the night before in Cincinnati. That’s the danger of looking at prior setlists. It’s not even a song I like that much. It’s just that I feel a bit cheated. Do The Lumineers like Cincinnati better than St. Louis for some reason?

As I swam laps in the hotel pool the next morning, I spotted some touring busses parked outside.

I wondered if these were tour busses from one of the bands. I didn’t think the busses were Lumineers-worthy, but maybe Caamp. I imagined myself running into one of the Caampers as we both swam laps. I would be backstroking when I swim into the Caamper. I’d apologize and then ask them to tone down the banjo just a bit. But it was not to be, which was probably for the best.

On the plus side, I did find a small fortune at poolside.

I did say small.


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