Concert Tour Update #3

My daughter and I finished off our St. Louis concert tour with a show by Lord Huron. I had purchased tickets for both concerts with Covid in mind. So, our seats were on the side with minimal people near us. I felt this was a necessary precaution, because we were concerting in Missouri where people think Covid has been completely eradicated or never existed in the first place. Our seats for the Lord Huron show were top row, on the end.

Those seats may sound terrible with a view like this.

It could be a whole lot worse, like this seat.

But I did my homework (for once!), and these seats were open air with a great view in a 4500 seat venue.

Wonderful! The St. Louis Music Park is a great place to see a concert in the summer. In the winter, it’s an ice skating rink! I was thrilled with the seats, except … it was raining. I swore that Ticketmaster showed these seats being covered, but the last 5 rows are not. Then I swore again and drove back to our hotel to get rain gear. Maybe Ticketmaster believes that if you are too cheap to pop for better seats, then you deserve to be surprised and sit in the rain.

Anyway, we watched opening act Ellen Rae pleasantly sing pleasant music. She was a perfect opening act as she didn’t irritate a crowd anxious for Lord Huron. She was so … pleasant. Security was really relaxed, so we just hung around on the covered lower level listening to Ellen Rae until the rain stopped … just in time for Lord Huron.

I felt bad for a couple who were obviously on a date down the row from us. The guy was wiping the rain off his seat and his date’s with his hand. That is not going to get them dry. How could I be sure? Well, that’s what I tried first. Hmm, where might something be that can dry those seats, like napkins from concessions? Those worked great, and we sat nice and dry while the dating couple dried their seats with their pants. At least take off your shirt, show your date whatever muscles you may or may not have, dry her seat, and put the shirt back on. Where is chivalry? Instead, she gets, “Here’s your damp seat.” That relationship is doomed.

Editor’s Note: How much more can this idiot write about concert seating?

Anyhoo, Lord Huron put on one hell of a show, rocking much harder than I ever expected. My oldest daughter had seen them before, and based on her description of their shows, I expected a pretty mellow concert. No way. Great music and a fun light show thoroughly entertained me and even kept my 13 year old daughter’s attention. Is it blasphemy that she said she liked Lord Huron more that The Lumineers? Here’s a snippet from Lord Huron’s show.

“Fool for Love” (video sample above) is a good little rocker, but they played a few that literally shook the whole place. The musicianship was excellent. I really liked the drummer, and the western twang that they get from their guitars is a favorite musical sound of mine.

It was so good to see live music again. I hope there’s more outdoor shows for me to see this summer. I’m not quite ready for a packed house at an indoor venue. There is an upcoming outdoor show that is shaking the foundations of my oldest friendships. I’ll do my best to make a mountain out of a molehill when I elaborate upon it in an upcoming post. Until then, I’d highly recommend seeing Lord Huron on tour. Tonight, they play a sold out show at the Vic in Chicago. Good for them! I’ll have my daughter looking for the Lord Huron tour bus as we drive back to Chicago today on I-55.


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