Where am I Concerting Next?

Not consorting, which sounds more fun, but concerting, which I define as the act of going to a concert. Merriam Webster may disagree, but what the hell does he know? He still owes me for drinks that one night as we argued the merits of gerunds until the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, I enjoyed hitting the road with my youngest daughter a few weeks back to catch a Lumineers/Caamp concert followed by a Lord Huron show. The 4th of July weekend is typically a good time to see a free concert in the greater Chicagoland area. I had hopes for a show at Frontier Days in suburban Arlington Heights. Tonight they feature Ace Frehley of Kiss. Could be fun, but I am attending a “dance concert” in Chicago that my middle daughter is in as part of Noumenon Dance Ensemble. So, I can “kiss” seeing Ace Frehley goodbye.

On Saturday night, Jason Scheff, who had a cup of coffee with the band Chicago, is performing at Frontier Days. We have a neighborhood party starting in the late afternoon that should extend well past the point of when Jason Scheff takes the stage in Arlington Heights to a chorus of “Who?”

Finally, 4th of July Eve brings that vocalist Steve guy from Journey to the Frontier Days stage. No, not Steve Perry with the great voice and all the hits. This will be Steve Augeri who took over vocals for Journey and accrued no hits after Steve Perry left. Steve #2 singing the hits made famous by Steve #1 will keep me from making the journey to Arlington Heights on Sunday night.

But I do have an upcoming free concert on my calendar.

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco is playing a free concert on Chicago’s lakefront later in July. When I excitedly told two buddies about this show, my news was met with reactions ranging from indifference to disgust. Yes, one of them actually texted “Ick.” I had to seriously reconsider my relationship with two friends I have thought of as brothers since high school. Could I still trust them? I decided that I will continue on as if we are all still brothers and that unfortunate Wilco incident never happened. But I’m keeping my eye on them. Maybe they’ll now be like the brothers who swear they didn’t go to that Grateful Dead concert without me, but didn’t answer their phones all night of the concert and wear t-shirts from the show that they claim they bought “online.”

Anyway, weather permitting, I will take the train into Chicago that night, walk the mile or so to the lakefront, and enjoy a great show with Jeff Tweedy hopefully singing beautiful songs like this gem.

I know music is very subjective, but I will jello wrestle anyone who disagrees that “Jesus, Etc.” is a gorgeous song. Of course, I will also jello wrestle anyone who agrees. I love a workout that allows me to eat while exercising.


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