My Summer Concert Tour

Thankfully, I will not be touring to perform but to partake. I hit the road Wednesday with my 13 year old daughter to head to St Louis to see two concerts, squeeze in one day of work, do some sightseeing, and get my daughter over to see her cousin from Arizona who is staying with a relative in Central Illinois. I know you’re thinking, “Jim, please tell us more about that fascinating day of work you have planned with your daughter.” Well, work plans are still in flux, so instead I will tell you about the concerts.

Wednesday we drive straight from home to our hotel, check-in to the luxuriously-appointed Holiday Inn Express, and walk across a couple parking lots to the concert venue to see …

The Lumineers on their Brightside tour! Here’s a song from their latest Brightside album.

This should make up for taking my daughter to see Cheap Trick for her first concert several years ago. I enjoyed it. My daughter? Not so much. But she did enjoy watching a raccoon get food from a trash can at the concert. That I do remember, because I enjoyed it, too. Raccoons are fun, especially around trash cans.

As an added bonus, Caamp has been added to the show to open for The Lumineers. Here’s a pretty Caamp song from their latest album.

There’s a chance for rain on Wednesday, but old dad sprung for covered seats. The show should go on, but this is the same venue that cancelled a Weezer show I was at because of thunderstorms. Babies. So, fingers crossed.

Then on Friday, we head to a smaller outdoor venue to see Lord Huron. I featured that band a year ago in a new music blog post chock full ‘o Lord Huron latest’s music along with some music minutiae featuring my oldest daughter. So, click on that link to hear some recent Lord Huron music, and check out this older song from the band.

There is no opening act shown, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find they’ve added some local yokel act to open the show and warm-up or irritate the crowd.

Depending on what we encounter along the way on our travels, I may or may not post more this week. My posting activity won’t depend on whether what we encounter is interesting or not. Posting uninteresting stuff has never stopped me before. I provide as evidence almost 300 Mite Be Funny cartoons. I’ve heard whispered tales of the world’s largest covered wagon on the way between Chicago and St. Louis, so maybe I will be able to provide blogged confirmation.

Editor’s Note: It’s no secret and easily confirmed with a Google search. Ugh, this Jim guy is the worst.

If you miss my posts and writings while I’m gone, you can always read my award-winning book of short stories.

Editor’s Note: And his shameless plugs …


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