A Lifetime Achievement Goal Reached

It was a busy night last night. I sold a car, unclogged a second floor downspout, diagnosed an electrical problem with our other car, bought the part to fix the electrical problem, got some food for an upcoming trip with my daughter, audited expenses and signed checks as part of my role as elected township government trustee. Oh, and most importantly, I reached a lifetime achievement milestone after discovering this last night.

No, it’s not an ancient coin, weapon, or jewelry that I discovered while metal detecting.

It is a far more important find that resulted in a culmination of my life’s work. I’ll explain, but first, a metal detecting joke.

Finding that object was not the culmination of my life’s work. It was a corroded piece of plumbing under our kitchen sink that was causing water to leak all over our kitchen floor which for some reason annoyed my wife. But rummaging around and being able to find an exact replacement part in my collection of various little bits and pieces of plumbing paraphernalia I have collected over the decades was the culmination of my life’s work. Yes, I was able to fix a minor household plumbing issue requiring parts without having to make a trip to the hardware store.



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