Working the Bugs Out

I was cool with the tracking microchips in the COVID vaccine, just in case I wander off and get lost. But the aluminum aliens in the vaccine reported in a recent blog post proved too much for me. I thought it was maybe a random crazy story, which of course I blogged about as fact, but there’s even more reporting on it here.

In addition to running TruNews, which appears to be banned from most social media for some reason, Rick Wiles is an evangelical pastor! They’re not allowed to lie, right? Sure, he wants $100 million to build an end-times media empire, but who can blame him? I’d build an end-times media empire, too, if someone wanted to give me $100 million.

Anyhoo, something had to go. I know aluminum is non-magnetic, so I thought I’d focus on the microchip rather than the aluminum alien. I had seen videos of people becoming magnetized from the vaccine, so I figured that the microchips were probably the source of the magnetism. In order to find the magnetic microchip, I put spinach on my vaccinated arm. Why spinach? Duh, spinach is high in iron, and iron is magnetic. I shook my arm, and I decided the microchip was probably located in my arm where a leaf stayed (magnetically, I assume) stuck to my arm. All sounds logical, right?

My next step was to find a doctor who was an open thinker like me and willing to remove my microchip.

The operation was a success, and this is what my arm is sporting today.

Successful? Yes, but I’m not very pleased with the result. Oh, sure, I got this microchip removed from my arm.

More of a macro than a microchip if you ask me. No wonder the vaccination needles are so large. But my displeasure comes from the number of stitches. Eleven. 11. The big one-one. As I’ve explained before, I’ve got a touch of the OCD, so negative numbers don’t please me, and a prime number like 11? It makes my skin crawl. But at least the tracking micro/macrochip won’t make my skin crawl longer. Now all I have to worry about is the aluminum alien from the vaccine crawling around inside me. And if it does kill me, I have already worked out some afterlife scenarios in my book of short stories that you can check out by clicking this link.

I’m pretty confident that the aluminum alien won’t kill me as they don’t really exist, and those stitches are really from a minor skin cancer excision. Skin cancer, if untreated, can definitely kill you. Wear sunscreen, so you can buy my book and read it outside while you enjoy some sun.


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