Monsters Inside Us

This appears to be big breaking news on the World Wide Interweb.

I have so many questions, including these:

  • Is that why my recent blood tests showed I am deficient in graphene oxide?
  • What foods can I eat that are rich in graphene oxide in order to help feed the alien critter inside me? I love pets.
  • Why 3 legs on the alien critter?
  • What other animal has 3 legs? Give up? A stool pigeon. Get it?
  • How can Pfizer pack both tracking microchips AND this alien critter in the vaccine?
  • If Pfizer can do that, can Pfizer help me pack my suitcase for my next trip?
  • What’s the point of the silent P in Pfizer? My pee is rarely silent.

Now that this blog post has deteriorated into toilet jokes, it may be time to wrap it up. But not before suggesting that my award-winning book is a good book to read on the toilet and anywhere else. Click here to buy for under a buck.


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