Pack It Back Up

I was moved by the passion of this speaker in this video tweet. You may have already seen it. When someone speaks with such passion, I feel there has to be some truth to what is being said. Well, let’s take a look before we unpack what is being said.

Such passion. Such raw emotion. Such an apparent lack of facts. There’s so much to unpack, so I did just that because if I’m anything, I’m helpful. Oh, and I like to poke fun at people like the speaker. Come join in as we take a deep dive together into this video.

The first challenge made by the speaker is to stick a spoon to my vaccination spot. Why? Well, the speaker is not very clear about that. When I was working in the cotton candy factory in town, I had all sorts of stuff sticking to my arms every day. But now, not so much. And I haven’t had a spoon stick to my arm since the caramel topping incident at my church’s ice cream social. I have heard the conspiracy theory about the Covid vaccines containing metal, but metal doesn’t just stick to metal. That’s not how magnetism works. Either the spoon has to be both a magnet and a tool to shovel food into your pie-hole, or the vaccine has to be full of magnets that stay right around your vaccination spot. Many spoons aren’t even magnetic if they are certain types of stainless steel or aluminum.

Personally, I feel cheated. If people are able to magnetically stick spoons to their arms, think of the possibilities. When doing home projects, no longer will tool belts be required. Just stick the tools, nails, & screws to your arms. How handy! I WANT TO BE MAGNETIC. Maybe after my Covid booster shot this fall.

I couldn’t check the claim about the black light flashlight causing my veins to glow. Who has a black light anymore? When are we living, in 1971?

Now it gets interesting. The speaker rattles off a laundry list of claims about me as a vaccinated person and the vaccination issue in general.

  • I am no longer human. You know, I can live with that.
  • I am a 2.0. Well, the Jim Flanigan 1.0 wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, so I’m game to try a newer model.
  • The speaker is afraid of me. BOO! Halloween is coming.
  • I am shedding. Ugh, another bald joke.
  • I shouldn’t be afraid of the speaker. Afraid? No. Disappointed that she stooped to a bald joke? Yes.
  • I am shedding spike proteins. Can I take a spike protein supplement or get a vaccine shot to stop the shedding?
  • The vaccinated are ending up in the hospital. Probably a lot of foot injuries from stepping on spike proteins that we shed. Sounds painful!
  • The truth is coming out. Not in that video or in this blog post.
  • Everything is bubbling up. Sounds like a personal problem.
  • I am disposable. I hate hearing that. Please, recycle.
  • I should get a conscience. That would mean the end of this blog.
  • My time is limited. Thankfully, so was her speaking time.

At this point in the video, the speaker wanted all of us vaccinated people (vaccinees?) to get down on our hands and knees. Well, I was already there. I was looking for all those damn spoons that fell on the floor after not sticking to my arm.

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