Pool Rules Confuse

Although I was on a short business trip this week, I continued my swim across Lake Michigan by using the hotel pools, despite their confusing rules. For example, there was disinfectant spray all over the place in the workout areas. I get it. I support it. Until everyone gets vaccinated (get vaccinated!), we need to continue to take precautions. But what was I going to do with this spray in the pool area?

There really wasn’t anything for me to wipe down by the pool, but after some thought, I knew just what to do. I dumped the bottle into the pool. It seemed like the only logical thing to do.

The second pool had me confused as soon as I walked in and went to take a towel.

Hmm, the used pool towels were all dry and neatly folded up top by the sign. What I assumed must be the new pool towels were wadded up and still a bit damp in the basket down below. I was confused, but when has that ever stopped me before? And really, who needs a towel?

I have to admit that Jimmy can’t shimmy as fast as that any longer, but my slower shimmy (slowmy?) had me dry within 30 minutes.


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