Dino-sore Loser

In this weird, semi-post-COVID world (get vaccinated!), I took my first business trip in many months. There is a candy/fudge/antiques/junk store situated on historic Route 66 that I always pass on my way to and from St. Louis. It was good to see it again, except she was gone. By she, I mean this large statue of a woman that beautifully graced the front of the store for many years.

For me, there was always an air of mystery about what was under that skirt. I don’t ever recall looking, but I also don’t recall not looking. Well, the mystery is solved. She’s been replaced by a gruesome creature and relegated to lying in the parking lot in her polka dot panties. Take a look.

That makes me sad, especially when I see the hideous monster that replaced her.

No, not the T-Rex. This conscienceless abomination.

Note the political disclaimer sign down below.

Like hell it’s not. No self-respecting Trump hater would ever erect a Trump statue unless it looked more like this.

Sorry, but that store is no longer going to be getting my purchases of candy/fudge/antiques/junk. At least they got it right in one way. They placed the Trump statue right next to another dinosaur. Time will tell how well a dinosaur and a jackass will get along. I’ll check back on my next trip later in the summer.