Election Drive

With my local election just 5 days away, I’m pulling out all the stops to gain votes. I added this to my car’s rear window …

I think it may be too subtle. If we learned anything from Trump supporters, it was to go big or go home. Personally, I always hoped they’d go home and stay home. If mine wasn’t a leased vehicle, I would be inclined to go all in with something like this …

Of course, with the Flanigan name rather than Trump on it. But I can’t afford to own a nice truck like that. This would likely be about the best I could pay for …

I’m going to stick with the sign in the back window, although it’s really not safe. It’s not that I can’t see out of the back window. I can see well enough. It’s that I find myself pulling right out in front of people in heavy traffic just to get people looking at my name. And changing lanes … a lot. And honking my car’s horn to draw attention. And driving with my emergency flashers on. And yelling out my window, “Hey, check out my rear window and vote for me.” My wife and I are headed to Chicago with our youngest daughter tomorrow to visit with our oldest daughter. I’m guessing that my wife will insist on taking her car with a sad, signless rear window.

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