A Cataclysmic Failure

There were several powerful speeches given at Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial that opened Tuesday. One of his attorneys, Bruce Castor, did not make one of those powerful speeches.

If I hire an attorney for any reason, there are 2 things I definitely don’t want that attorney to do:

  1. Praise the opposing attorney’s presentation.
  2. Suggest I be arrested and prosecuted.

If you don’t want to listen to all of Castor’s defense, this sums it up pretty well …

If you think Trump’s defense attorney was a categorical failure on the first day, this one is even more cat-astrophic.

A purr-fect argument got derailed by a Zoom cat filter. The lawyer cat-egorically denies being a cat, and he’s not kitten about that. It does give me paws to consider what we would call a cute kitty that may become a lawyer. A cattorney?

And we thought Rudy Giuliani was a hot legal mess.

Editor’s Note: He is.