Suspicions of Sedition

I’m not a huge Elvis Presley fan, but I like the song he recorded titled “Suspicious Minds.” Here’s a live video version with studio-recorded audio that I kind of like because of the Spanish subtitles and the construction site clips interspersed with the concert footage.

Now imagine that instead of singing about suspicious minds, he was singing about Trump’s seditious lies. I think it would go something like this …

He’s caught in a trap

We need him out

Because we love democracy.

Why can’t he see

We want to stay free

And not in his autocracy.

He can’t go on forever

With seditious lies (seditious lies)

And we can’t build our dream

On seditious lies.

That’s a fun song to sing along to, but singing it makes me want to open my shirt and bare my chest like Elvis. However, this may be more appropriate for me.