Cancer 1 – Jim 1

Well, it turns out I do have skin cancer … again. But it’s the least dangerous type, and my dermatologist thinks she scooped most of it out when she took the biopsies. So I get to use this nasty cream for 6 weeks to kill any remaining cancer.

Yes, yes, we all see the reference to genital warts. I can hear your tittering, which has grown louder since I used the word “tittering.” Hey, genital warts are serious or so I’ve heard from “a friend.” If you’ve never seen one, here’s an example of a very dangerous combination cancerous genital wart …

I know, cheap shot, right? Seems appropriate though.

I’m a bit preoccupied thinking about cancer today as a best buddy/brother from another mother gets his colon cancer surgically removed today. His diagnosis scared me into getting a fecal check for colon cancer. I was thrilled to receive some good news, although I didn’t appreciate the editorial comment added.

I wanted to be sure they had enough of a sample to thoroughly check. Haven’t they ever heard “The More the Merrier?”

The lesson is if you’re over 50, get a colonoscopy or one of those fecal tests. Take it from me, they just need a little stool sample.