New Music For Old Rockers – RIP Edition, Part 2

My recent NMFOR was also an RIP Edition. What’s up with these deceased musicians still releasing great music? This time it is Tom Petty. I’ve never been a huge Petty fan, but I always appreciated the high quality of his music and have some personal favorites like Wildflowers and I Won’t Back Down.

When I first heard this Petty song recently, I knew I had heard it before. I figured it was a more obscure deep Petty track. Radio station 93.1 WXRT in Chicago does play deep tracks daily. But then I heard it again … and again … and again. That is too frequent for an obscure deep track, and Petty is still dead. So here it is, a song Petty wrote and recorded in 1995, but decided against releasing since he thought it sounded too much like some of his other songs. Instead, he gave the song to Rod Stewart to release, which is where I heard it before. Now here is the Petty version in a posthumous release, and it’s a gem.

Yes, it sounds like some other Petty songs. I don’t consider that a bad thing. Listening to it feels like slipping into a comfortable robe and slippers on a cold winter’s morn. It’s classic Petty, and I ache for more.

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