Songs for a Day of Counting Votes

As the election vote-counting drags on, I think we all would benefit from some relevant music to get through today. I know I need some. I still find myself openly weeping at times during the day, but as news for Biden has improved, I have made some progress. I no longer cry blood.

So, here are some songs that you may like. Let’s start off with a rollicking good tune about vote-counting in the Southeast. What city can help Biden pull off a surprise state flip? This one …

That’s right, the Atlanta metro area is still counting votes that are predominantly for Biden, making the race for Georgia’s electoral votes very close. If Biden somehow wins Georgia, it will definitely be no Little Feat.

The late Atlanta votes are also impacting the Georgia Senate race. It looks like the incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue may not get 50% of the vote, which means he will have to compete in a run-off election in January with strong Democratic challeger Jon Ossoff. Props to activist Stacey Abrams for getting out the vote in Georgia.

Heading to the Southwest, this state is now looking like it could swing Trump’s way.

Arizona was a big solo hit for Mark Lindsay, former lead vocalist for Paul Revere and the Raiders. However, the person taking this video seems much more interested in Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees and Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits singing backing vocals. I’m more interested in Biden securing Arizona’s electoral votes.

Staying in the Southwest, this state is a good bet to stop in for a close vote.

If Trump claims Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, that would be depressing. And speaking of depressing, this whole album is about the state Biden must secure.

I like Sufjan Stevens, but here’s a comment from a YouTube listener, “Well, I’m listening to Sufjan Stevens in the morning on a Friday, which means I’m depressed as shit.” Listen at your own risk if you are emotionally fragile.

Did you know that Sufjan Stevens planned a project where he would release an album for all 50 states? He made it through 2 – Michigan & Illinois. He was wise to stop. There are so many states that just don’t deserve an album. Why is there even a North and a South Dakota? There should just be Dakota. Or roll the Dakotas in with Montana and Wyoming, also underserving states, to form Wyontanta. And don’t even get me started on states like Mississippi and Alabama.

Did you know that my oldest daughter lived in an apartment in Holland, Michigan where Sufjan Stevens once lived? Now you do.

If all Biden can do is secure Michigan, where will the rest of the votes come from to send him to the White House?

Come on, Philly. Deliver those late ballot counts and the state of Pennsylvania for Joe. I’m getting dehydrated and anemic.