Interstellar Security

We were the victims of petty vanadalism recently, so I bought a security camera.


Pretty fancy, huh? I was surprised that it not only records video, but it can be used as a weapon.

I’m pretty sure that those lights are 4 …

Dr Evil Laser Beams

With an app on my phone, I think I can shoot those 4 lasers so they converge and destroy any intruder … or UPS delivery person.

Death Star

After I mounted it to a tree, I wondered if I really had purchased a security cam.


There is no chance I’ll ever be able to get the phone app to work to be able to tell if it actually takes video. The more I stare at it (and who can’t resist staring at it?), the more I wonder if maybe it is a prototype model for Trump’s Space Force cruiser. If it can take Trump far, far away, then I’m all for moving forward with the Space Force.

Space force ship