A Berry Good Time

It is that time of the year again — when I forgo buying food in stores and forage for food in the woods and occasionally late at night in dumpsters behind grocery stores. This morning I wasn’t in the woods but in an industrial business park that has some excellent mulberry trees on the perimeter of the parking lot. I’ve been scouting berry harvesting locations all spring. I came away with this haul of mulberries today …


Q: How are mulberries and my jokes similar?

A: They are both generally tasteless.

Mulberries are supposed to be sweet, but I find the dark ones pretty bland. We have a neighbor’s mulberry tree that drops white mulberries into our yard, and the white ones I find very sweet. (Editor’s Note: This is not meant as a metaphor on race relations) But our dog likes to tinkle and poop in the general area where the mulberries drop, so I’m not keen about harvesting the white mulberries from the ground. (Editor’s Note: Sound advice)

But tasteless or not, the ones I harvested today will add a nutritional boost to my fruit smoothie. They do have stems that can be challenging to remove without dyeing your fingers purple. For smoothies that will be blended well, I sometimes leave the stems on to add even more fiber. Who doesn’t need more unsoluble fiber in their diet to help with daily dirty deeds?


In addition, mulberries provide high amounts of iron and Vitamin C along while being chock full of antioxidants. So, don’t overlook the mulberry as a good addition to your diet this summer. I often see them smashed all over the ground. Harvest them now, so you won’t have to do this after they have been smushed.

lick ground 2

Ew, that’s disturbing. I don’t want to end a blog post with such a disturbing image. How about a nice dog gif to change the mood?

Lick ground 1

Hmmm, not much better. Anyway, go harvest and enjoy some mulberries. They are berry good for you.