A Berry Good Time

It is that time of the year again — when I forgo buying food in stores and forage for food in the woods and occasionally late at night in dumpsters behind grocery stores. This morning I wasn’t in the woods but in an industrial business park that has some excellent mulberry trees on the perimeter of the parking lot. I’ve been scouting berry harvesting locations all spring. I came away with this haul of mulberries today …


Q: How are mulberries and my jokes similar?

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I Will Miss Eating Weeds

This post is an excellent example of why details like grammar and spelling are so important. If the title had been “I Will Miss Eating Weed,” then you wouldn’t give it a second thought, and you may think that actually explains a lot of my rambling, nonsensical posts, along with the mite cartoons. But the word I used is the plural weeds, not the singular weed. Yes, I started eating weeds this summer.

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