Flip or Flop

My wife and I are considering downsizing our home. She watches the home shows and elbows me in the ribs so I can see people buying dumps and flipping them into their forever homes. But for now, we still have 5 people living in the house. How can I encourage children to leave so we can downsize? Anyway, we are scouting out possible areas to relocate.

In order to keep what is left of my sanity during this COVID-19 coronavirus, I have taken to walking in the woods. I dragged our dog and youngest daughter along yesterday.

Lola woods

That’s our dog, not my daughter for those of you who are species-challenged. It was good to walk the hills and hear the frogs croaking in the wetlands. And then we stumbled upon what may be our future dream home that just needs a little flipping magic.

House woods outside

Sure, it needs some landscaping and maybe some sprucing up. Oh, and a roof, windows, and a door. But it is definitely sturdy. And location, location, location!

We didn’t see a sign for an open house, but we took a peek inside anyway.

house woods inside

I love the open concept floor plan. All it needs is a little paint, a nice rug … oh, and a roof, windows, and door.

You may wonder if it has running water. Sure, whenever it rains. It is definitely off the grid, and I have no idea what it once was. But I know what it could be … our forever home.

I’ll likely be back out traipsing through the woods again today, but may avoid walking past this future flip. I don’t want to appear to be too eager of a buyer and drive the price up.


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