A Christmas Haul

Here we are on the fourth day of my Twelve Days of Blogging, and I experienced quite a haul yesterday. No, I didn’t get a lot of gifts. (Thanks for that lack of gifts, by the way) My haul involved literally hauling these five 4′ x 8′ sheets of drywall up a tricky flight of stairs with a couple tight turns at the bottom and top.

No, I didn’t do it alone. I assisted my brother-in-law who is doing our bathroom renovation & expansion. But then, I got the bright idea to haul these bad boys up the stairs … by myself.

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Way Open Concept

Here we are at Day 2 of my Twelve Days of Blogging. I thought it would be fun to show you the home project we decided to move forward with during the holidays.

We have an open concept house in our family room and kitchen area. It is a nice, large, livable, open space. We like it. However, we also have more traditional areas in the house like in our living room and dining room. I had hoped to continue that more traditional theme in our master bathroom that we are having renovated and expanded. This seems way too open to me …

I’m hoping for the next level up in privacy. But I do really like the convenience of this …

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Flip or Flop

My wife and I are considering downsizing our home. She watches the home shows and elbows me in the ribs so I can see people buying dumps and flipping them into their forever homes. But for now, we still have 5 people living in the house. How can I encourage children to leave so we can downsize? Anyway, we are scouting out possible areas to relocate.

In order to keep what is left of my sanity during this COVID-19 coronavirus, I have taken to walking in the woods. I dragged our dog and youngest daughter along yesterday.

Lola woods

That’s our dog, not my daughter for those of you who are species-challenged. It was good to walk the hills and hear the frogs croaking in the wetlands. And then we stumbled upon what may be our future dream home that just needs a little flipping magic.

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