Elf on the Shelf to Unionize – Repost with New Content

Work is surprisingly busy this time of the year when I thought business would be winding down a bit. That is actually good since my income is directly linked to my sales, and I just got a peek at my wife’s credit card bill with all the Christmas gift charges on it. I’m swooning just thinking about it. My charge card is also filled with holiday gift charges, but mostly from the Dollar Store so the total hasn’t hit triple digits yet. The bottom line is that I don’t seem to have much time to generate clever posts. I know, you’re asking yourself, “What’s his excuse for the rest of the year?”

Anyway, it seems like a good time to dust off an old Elf on the Shelf post from 4 years ago that continues to get a lot of views around Christmas. Our youngest child is now past the Elf on the Shelf stage, so that frees up some of my time at night that previously had me occupied finding clever hiding spots for Holly, my daughter’s Elf. I still regret perching Holly on the toilet that one time.

elf toilet.jpg


I wish my son had paid more attention before peeing in the middle of the night. No big deal. A couple flushes and Holly was rinsed nicely.

Anyway, here’s the original Elf on the Shelf post from 2015 (with some punctuation corrections) …

The popular elves from The Elf on the Shelf fame have had it with working conditions and are organizing a union. Spokeself Holly explained, “People think that since we work just 1 month a year that it is an easy job. They have no idea what we go through for those 30 days. The stunts we are required to pull can be dangerous and quite jarring.”


“We work 30 days straight with not even weekends off. During the day, we are always on call in case little Joey or Janey wants to drag us to a movie that we don’t want to see or to a friend’s house where the family dog will lick us until our felt is dripping. And then at night, we have to engage in some pretty outrageous stunts that OSHA frowns upon,” Holly explained.

elf bike

Holly concluded, “We would just like a night or 2 off so we can relax with some of our friends we see only 1 month a year.”

elf syrupelf ken


A vote to unionize is expected this weekend with a potential walkout following. Santa was unavailable for comment.