Live & Let Diet

I was really moving in a positive direction with losing my excess winter weight. Now I could focus on losing my normal winter weight. That is, until my wife declared that she was ordering this …

Pizza Malnoti.jpg

Except, she wasn’t just ordering 3 deep dish slices of deliciosity. She ordered a full deep dish pie and also ordered a thin crust. Oh, and a huge salad. We do have a large family. All that food was problem enough for my dieting, but there was a larger problem. No, not my waistline. That was a low blow of you to think that. The problem was …

I had already eaten a small sushi dinner. The challenge facing me was to pass on eating the pizza. I rationalized that maybe it would be okay to have a little salad, so I did. Except the salad I had was when I took some black olives and mushrooms out of the salad and put them on a slice of deep dish and ate it. Yum. Then I did it again. 2 huge slices covered in black olives and mushrooms consumed on top of my sushi dinner. The excess winter weight would be back on by morning. Except, I stepped on the scale the next morning and discovered that I had actually lost another pound.

The takeaway for me from all this dieting and weight loss confusion? Eat more pizza.