A Peso for El Paso, Please

I was not shocked when I saw this news story on my phone a week ago.



That did not surprise me or alarm me. Rallies to Make America Great Again cost money. But then there’s this … Paso2

Again, that did not surprise me or alarm me. Bill payments are sometimes late. But when this news story came out, an embarrassed Trump campaign would certainly make the payment, right? Wrong! One week later and I see no evidence of it being paid. In fact, the Trump campaign stated they are “reviewing” invoices. So who exactly is the Trump campaign stiffing?


So Trump is stiffing Police and Fire Departments for $440,000 of the $470,000 owed. Nice. Trump is no stranger to stiffing vendors, but Police and Fire? C’mon, already. Regardless, up to this point, it looks like Trump is taking the old El Paso on paying for his rally. For those of you who do not speak Spanish, El Paso is Spanish for The Paso.

The only other thought I have is that since El Paso is a border town, maybe Trump thinks Mexico is going to pay for the rally.