Tork Talk Redux

I couldn’t quite figure out why Peter Tork’s death affected me so much yesterday. Then a friend hit the nail right on the head for me.

It is because I relate seeing Peter Tork in concert to having good times with good friends. It’s not so much about the recently deceased Peter Tork as it is about the living friends I have and cherish. Some have scattered now, but a core remains close by and accessible.

It’s not like I didn’t also see the other Monkees in concert. I saw Mickey Dolenz in concert with my wife and her family. It think Mickey’s death didn’t resonate with me as much because he’s still alive. Also, Mickey played his show at a free concert in a field in West Chicago for a festival called Railroad Days.

Editor’s Note: West Chicago is not a western part of the great city of Chicago, but a small community about 35 miles west of Chicago known for, well, uh … Railroad Days?

So it was sort of a sad show, although I enjoyed it. I also got to see Davy Jones perform at a free concert in a neighboring town. I dragged my middle daughter along so it wouldn’t be weird for me to be sitting by myself watching a former Tiger Beat cover boy. It was not a sad show, but kind of fun and upbeat. However, Davy’s death did not affect me so much.

The effect that Tork’s death had on me is less about Peter Tork, but more about good memories of good times with good friends. That much good reminiscing can bring a tear to one’s eye and did to mine.

I’ll end all this Tork Talk with a farewell song from the Pixies.