Jumping Into a New Car Lease

We’re picking up a new car today. I turned in our previous leased vehicle yesterday. In preparation for that event, I cleaned out the glove box. Curiously enough, I found absolutely no gloves in the glove box. I did find my missing earbuds, lots of straws, 20 bucks, and this …


That is a solid 6 inch stack of napkins along with other cleaning products.

Napkin stack

Were we leasing a car or a food truck? Looking at all those napkins makes me want to spill something. What this could mean is that we are the messiest people in the world who require an unending supply of napkins to mop up our spills. On the other hand, it could mean we are the neatest people around, always with napkins at the ready to clean any signs of dirt. As it turns out, both are somewhat correct. My wife is fastidious and I’m a slob.

But I’m trying. I am imposing upon myself a strict ‘no soup’ rule for this new car.

car soup.gif

Hey, it’s a start. Baby steps.