Relatively Speaking

I took some time yesterday to meet with relatives and mourn my aunt’s passing. I can’t say she was my favorite aunt, but she certainly was a firecracker as her son described her in the eulogy he gave. When I think of her, I don’t think of her in her older years, her mind addled by Alzheimer’s and her body relegated to a wheelchair. I think of her in her small house that was always getting flooded in suburban Chicago close to O’Hare Airport with planes overhead constantly. I can see her now, plain as day, a mixed drink (probably a Manhattan) in one hand and a cigarette in the other, talking loudly and irreverently as she was prone to do after a drink or two or more. No, she wasn’t my favorite aunt, but she was my most spirited aunt. Even in her last few years in nursing care, she was still full of piss and vinegar. I heard that she regularly plotted escapes from the home, and once called 9-1-1 to report that she was being held there against her will. She raised two families – her four boys and then three grandchildren from one of her boys. She buried a husband, an infant daughter, and two of her sons. It was a full life but a hard life. However, I think she was happy that she lived it in her sometimes soggy house in the Chicago suburbs after escaping from Chicago’s harsh east side where she grew up.

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Mulch Ado About Nothing #8

As I opened the back of my car to load some groceries, I realized just how bad this looks.

Tarp car

I swear, I am not planning to dump a body in a shallow grave. I would definitely dig a deep grave. I really am only planning to get mulch later this morning. I have no plans to use the bone saw in my basement to cut the body up that I would have stored in my freezer if there was a body. Really, I haven’t even chosen a victim yet. You could say that this is mulch ado about nothing, which is a great segue to a Mulch Ado About Nothing cartoon about death …

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Mite Be Funny – RIP Peter Tork Edition

This special Mite Be Funny will not be funny, although that could be said for most all the Mite Be Funny cartoons. I am saddened at the passing of Peter Tork of the Monkees. I actually shed a tear or two typing this homage.

I was a bit too young to have been swept up in the original Monkeemania, but as I grew older, I came to appreciate the Monkees for what they were – a fun band. Peter Tork played the ‘dumb’ Monkee on their TV show, but he was a brilliant musician, certainly the most musically-gifted and trained of the four.

Peter tork

Don’t mention it, Pete. He got the role in the Monkees after his buddy, Stephen Stills, was rejected. If Stephen Stills had been chosen to be a Monkee, might we have gotten Crosby, Tork & Nash?

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Happy Thanksgiving?

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that we can still post biting political cartoons like this one I saw on Twitter thanks to Claude Taylor @TrueFactsStated …

Trump Thanksgiving Pardon

But for how much longer will it be legal to post cartoons like this? Who knows as our Judicial system and Free Press are both under attack by Trump.

As I added meta tags to this post (for search engine use), I became saddened that I didn’t have to spellcheck the name Jamal Khashoggi. RIP. In the above cartoon, the Saudi crown prince is shown holding the sword. Next time will it be Trump?

I’m also sad that there is still a need to post these types of cartoons. Give thanks today. Then Persist to Resist.



Republican’s Furious Over Justice Scalia’s Death

Republicans had initially been quite upset in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dying so inconveniently for them early in an election year. But then they discovered what they thought was a golden nugget that Scalia had left them in his passing.

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